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Beginning March 30th, 2020:
The services of the CMU Writing Center are available online via the following options:

  • Online Video/Chat Appointment Option
    • For students who are seeking real-time advice in the drafting process.
    • For students who have questions about starting a writing assignment, idea generation, research and finding sources, and the drafting process.
    • For students who have finished a draft and want real-time feedback as a tutor reads your draft.
    • You may upload course documents, paper drafts, and other materials ahead of your appointment time slot.
  • eTutoring Email Appointment Option:
    • For students who are seeking asynchronous answers to questions about drafts.
    • For students who have specific questions about formatting, citing, and style guide considerations.
    • For students who want specific feedback on areas of a draft in-progress (i.e. a thesis statement, a conclusion, a methods section, etc.).
    • When making an appointment, be sure to upload appropriate documents for email correspondence.
    • Allow up to 24 hours for any eTutoring email correspondence responses.  If you have additional questions, please email


To Make an Appointment:

  • First-time users must register for an account. Please save your username and password.
  • Currently, appointments may be made up to 5 days in advance.
  • After logging in, click on the desired appointment time and complete the “Create New Appointment” sheet.
  • Attach your course document(s) and papers when you make the appointment or anytime before your appointment.  This is REQUIRED for eTutoring Email Appointments and highly recommended for Online Video/Chat Appointments.
  • Click “Save Appointment.”  You will receive confirmation and reminder emails.

When it’s Time for Your Appointment: 

  • For Online Video/Chat Appointments: A few minutes before your appointment time, log in, open the schedule, click on your appointment slot, and click "Start or Join Consultation." Be sure to allow camera and microphone access and enable pop-ups from WCOnline.

  • For eTutoring Email Appointments: Before the start time of the appointment, be sure to upload your document(s) and give a detailed narrative about why you're seeking assistance.  If you have an assignemnt sheet or prompt, please upload it, too.  Limit 5 pages per appointment. A tutor will respond with comments via email within 1 hour of the appointment start time IF a document has been uploaded in advance of the appointment start time.
    • For any uploads to the "Writing Center eTutoring Uploads" slot (9:30pm every evening), please allow for email response within 12 - 24 hours.

Cancel in Advance if You Cannot Make It:

If you cannot make your Online Video/Chat Appointment, please cancel your appointment at least 1 hour in advance. To cancel: Log in, click on your appointment, and click “Cancel this Appointment.”

Students who miss more than 3 appointments without canceling ahead of time will not be able to continue to make appointments. 

Questions? Email


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